The Dating Course by Kathleen Rooney

The Dating Course - The Ins and Outs of Finding, Initiating, and Maintaining Healthy Relationships.

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What is it? - This fun and engaging course was developed to assist neuro-divergent teens and young adults join the Dating Game. Discussions around the challenges and work needed to make, have and maintain a relationship. In this course we will also hit upon self-reflection as it relates to relationships. We will watch and analyze videos on the topic of dating as well as practice role play and games to practice the skills being acquired in this course. The idea is to improve all relationships even though the focus is on dating.

When? - Monday's 6-7 pm from January 4th- February 22, 2021

Ages? 18 and up

Cost? - The client will pay a total of $200.00 for eight one-hour classes. There will be one-hour class each week that will continue for a total of eight weeks. 

Where? - On the Zoom Virtual Platform. Each participant will receive an invitation to all of the needed Zoom links.