About Kathleen Rooney



Multi-talented clinician with 29 years’ experience working directly with families and their children in the development and delivery of intervention services and training.  She offers a wide range of clinical services that are determined individually for each child based on a thorough needs assessment. Services are provided online and in-person. 


All of our clinical services on fine and gross motor development, sensory processing, communications, cognition, employ-ability and social skills are supported by training, experience and an emphatic approach. 


Developer and creator of original programs for pre-school sensory motor development, young adult family contribution, self-advocacy and work skills training. Effective training and workshop presenter for schools, teachers, parents, university students and children on a wide range of subjects, including neuro-development, understanding ASD, building a structure for fine motor development and sensory integration. 


Kathleen has Master’s in Special Education and Teaching, Bachelor in Fine Arts in music therapy. Thirty years experience as a classically-trained cellist. Twenty-five years playing guitar for children and developing motivating music circles to improve listening, communication, sensory processing and social skills.