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Kathleen has been working with our son weekly since he was seven (he’s fifteen now), and she has been a wonderful addition to our life. From the beginning, Kathleen has focused on getting to know our son and engaging him in activities to help him learn, grow and self-regulate. She has been innovative in trying new activities with our son, both in the community and, more recently, online.  Kathleen expects the best from her students and has always been caring and respectful.  Our son is high energy with multiple needs and Kathleen is positive, consistent, adaptable and inspiring. We consider her a valuable therapist and a friend.

Katie M.

Our 12 year old son has been seeing Kathleen since he was 4. Alex always looks forward to his sessions because he finds them so enjoyable. Kathleen has a gift for finding what resonates with a child, adapting her activities accordingly, engaging him, and evolving with him. We’ll never forget when our practically non verbal son made a joke using a play on words during a session with Kathleen! Kathleen continues to be an important ally in Alex’s development.

Danielle and Rob G.

Our son is 10 years old now and Kathleen Rooney has been with him  since he was 3.

It all started when Y accepted Kathleen when he didn’t accept any one else. He was in love with her soft personality and she was able to discover his likes and dislikes. He loved her music, soft touches and all the learning associated with it. 

He was able to say words with her when he was nonverbal. 

One great thing Kathleen did for Y is taking him outings to museums,  parks, walking trails, swimming  and a lot more. She helped him interact and behave properly to every scenario. Wait in line, respect people’s space and objects and manners. 

I definitely think that we were blessed with a great individual that helped with  the growth and development of our son. 

Y loves her and we all love her. 

We greatly appreciate you Kathleen for all the hard work you put in our son to read books, count, do math, sing and discover his personality. 

Thank you.


My daughter loves Kathleen!  They have been spending time together since 2013. My daughter is challenged with ASD, developmental delays, sensory issues, and motor apraxia.  Kathleen has adapted her program to address each of these needs through play, music, exercise, and conversation.  My daughter is progressing well.  Her weekly visit with Kathleen has been a highlight of her week.


Kathleen is a light in my son's life, she makes him feel empowered and gives him the tools to tackle the everyday challenges that life brings. When my son leaves Kathleen's office, he is calm and has a feeling of achievement. Kathleen makes him feel like he can do anything he sets his mind to and teaches him how to overcome the hurdles life throws at him. She takes the time to explain why something might be more challenging for kids like my son and gives him strategies using real life situations. My son says he loves going to see Kathleen because "she understands me" and she always "makes me feel like a winner". During the time we have spent with Kathleen I've seen how Kathleen's strategies and teaching have helped not only my son but also myself. She has a way of helping you see the challenges from your child's eyes and it makes a world of difference. Kathleen is a very special person and we feel very blessed to have found her. 

Katherine Ogilvie

ZOOM Music

My daughter has been enjoying “Zoom Music with Kathleen” for three weeks now.  Kathleen is always smiling and energetic.  She dances and sings fun songs as she plays her guitar and/or kazoo !! She encourages the children to be involved by having them choose songs, customize elements in the song, and use their own instruments. There is lots of “silly” songs  and “crazy” dance moves and laughter !

Tammy, Michelle, Tara, Blanca

Since our son was diagnosed with autism, and in the preceding years, my partner and I have spent countless hours taking webinars, taking parenting classes, and getting interventions for him.  Of all these, Kathleen without doubt is the best. She is thoughtful, experienced, smart, and she has helped our son so much already.  My research as a professor is in ECE and I just can’t believe how talented an educator Kathleen is, and how much she has already helped our kiddo.  I could not recommend her more highly.

 Shoshana Magnet

Professor, University of Ottawa

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