Autism Parent Education & Consultation

Autism Parent Education & Consultation

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Objective:  The overall objectives are to increase empathy and understanding, foster meaningful dialogue and interactions and make life better for all concerned.  The goals for the child are to improve their quality of life, increase their independence, and enhance their progress toward reaching their full potential.

Parent Education/Consulting:  Kathleen has a deep understanding of children with neuro-developmental differences. She believes that each child is unique and her coaching consulting services center on the child’s motivation, attention, and learning styles. Her approach is bespoke, individually designed consultation sessions based on the particular individual child, family, teacher, and community member.

Areas of training and consultations include:

  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • Setting up your home for a high needs child
    • Sensory processing difficulties and the creation of body breaks
    • The physical environment at home, at school and in the community
    • Age-specific issues as a child grows and transitions to adulthood
  • Parenting a child or an adult with ASD and other special needs
    • Raising a happy, responsible and independent child
    • Managing perceptions and expectations
    • Creating a life balance: including parents’ sensory system, roles and responsibilities, care time, social time, me time
    • Outings: to be like everyone, they need to be with everyone
    • Traveling with your special needs child: restaurants, day trips, airlines, vacations, hotels, choosing a destination
  • Resolving trauma and creating resiliency

Contact Kathleen today for group training or individual consulting services. $166/hour.

Kathleen is a highly regarded, goal-oriented trainer of groups and coach to families.  She delivers her services online and in person in Ottawa.  Her training formats include interactive workshops, seminars, webinars and talks for groups, and personalized consultations for families.

Kathleen has trained and consulted with a wide variety of key players in the network of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including to families: parents, grandparents and siblings; and to school boards, teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Behavioral Consultants (IBI and ABA), community members and others.