PowerPoint Presentation/Social Stories - File Ready to Download after Checkout

PowerPoint Presentation/Social Stories - File Ready to Download after Checkout

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This Package is a digital service that you can avail as soon as you hit Checkout, you will see a "Download" button for your file after the payment has been made. Please contact me directly to get discount on more than 5+ downloads.

Kathleen Rooney has been working for thirty years with families and their children with various developmental differences and she has witnessed common parenting challenges that arise in most households. She has created Parenting Bundles to teach the parents and their children how to navigate a growth mindset and establish healthy routines that will lead to independence and balance.

PowerPoint Presentation/Social Stories, existing Topics Include:

  • Sleep
  • Tooth Brushing
  • Interrupting
  • Hitting, Kicking and Being Hurtful
  • Giving People Space
  • Healthy Conversations: A Two Way Street
  • Personal Presentation: First and Continued Impressions
  • Responsibility
  • Say What You Need
  • Someone Else's Birthday
  • Street Safety; Walking and Biking
  • Wash Your Face Teens Female (with face cloth)
  • Wash Your Face Teens Male (with splash method)
  • Who Gets to Ride in the Front Seat?

New topics are being developed as needed. If you have an issue that needs resolution or improvement, please feel free to contact Kathleen Rooney to have a Parenting Bundle created or adapted.